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Construction - Room Module

Room modules are factory-prefabricated building units with a size up to L x B x H = 18 x 5 x 3, 9 m. Statically measured steal sections, linked through welding techniques, provide the carrier construction for floor, roof and walls.

The individual parts are isolated and planked by means of edificial platters. Through direct factory production is possible to prefabricate domestic facilities such as

heating, ventilation, sanitary plumbing, electricals

and building equipment such as:


  • portals
  • windows
  • inner doors
  • wall coverings
  • floor coverings
  • flagstones
  • uncoupled ceilings
  • paintwork
  • furnishing and
    outer facade

up to 100 %.
While room modules are being produced, foundations and conduit facilities are being built at the construction site.
This construction technique facilitates the completion of buildings in record time, thanks to the most advanced room-module techniques.

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